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With the help of different researches, medical world has concluded that yoga and meditation benefits many illnesses. There are proofs about total improvement in certain illnesses and partial improvement in many illnesses. It is possible that the requirement of medicine may reduce.

( 1 ) Heart-related diseases:  high blood pressure, angina, heart attack

( 2 ) Respiratory disease : asthma

( 3 ) Abdominal and Intestinal diseases : Burning in chest / stomach ( hyperacidity ) diarrhoea, constipation 

( 4 ) Psychiatric diseases : migraine, tension, depression and anxiety

( 5 ) Gynaecological problems : problems in the beginning of menstruation in virgins, problems during and after menopause 

( 6 ) Allergy and skin-related problems

( 7 ) Muscle and bone-related problems, rheumatism, etc.

A normal healthy person without any illnesses is benefited the most by Yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation help greatly in remaining healthy for the entire life. Many famous medical organisations of the world and publications have accepted, certified and presented the benefits of yoga and meditation. Few of them are : 

American Heart Association ( AHA ) National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute ( NHLBI – USA ), American Pain Society, Journal of pain, Association of sleep Societies, American Journal Hypertension, Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Journal of Psycho Neuro Endocrinology, American Journal Cardiology, Journal of American Medical Association, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, John Hopkins Medical Centre,etc.