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Innumerable benefits which can help a person in living a healthy life are obtained by practicing yoga and meditation regularly.

(1) Sentimental and spiritual health also improves along with mental and physical health. A person’s IQ, EQ, and SQ improve.

(2)  Control is gained over negative feelings like anger, suspicion, fear, irritation, jealousy, depression,etc.

(3) Positive things / virtues like love, compassion, endurance, forgiveness, simplicity and transparency develop in life.

(4) Mental stress is reduced and concentration and subtlety increase.

(5) A person becomes proactive from reactive.

(6) A person feels happier and more interested in his professional or working place. His work shines out.

(7) Human relations becomes more cordial full of love.

(8) Positive attitude is inculcated towards life 

(9) A person assumes greater control over his body and mind.

(10) Inner peace and joy are experienced.

Benefits of meditation are endless. The author also has a very little but personal experience of shree Aurobindo meditation and Vipassana meditation.

our life is like a train journey between two stations. We board from the starion named ‘ birth ‘ and get down at the station named ‘death’. Yoga and meditation are essential to reach boundless heights in such a limited lifespan.