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Many beliefs related to blood pressure and its treatment have proven wrong after years’ research. We need to abolish them from our mind and also educate our friends about that.

  1. Blood pressure increases with age.(Irrespective of the age, an adult person’s ideal blood pressure should be < 120/80 mm of Hg)
  1. Treatment of high blood pressure is not needed of the person does not have symptoms. (Treatment of high blood pressure is to prevent serious complications like stroke, heart attack and death, not to relieve symptoms only)
  2. Taking high blood pressure medicines for a particular period is fine, they should not be taken for long term.

(For most patients high blood pressure is a controllable and not curable disease. Barring few patients with secondary hypertension, almost all patients would need treatment / medicine for lifelong)

  1. There are multiple serious adverse effects of blood pressure medicines.

(Doctor know the adverse effects of medicines and when felt appropriate, Doctor may caution the patient also. Regular follow up visits to Doctor would help to pick up any such adverse effect quite early.)

  1. One will get habituated to high blood pressure medicines if they are taken for long.

(In fact, it is the body of the patient which is habituated to high blood pressure needing lifelong medicines !)

  1. Everyone will be cured of high blood pressure by healthy lifestyle including healthy food, exercise and yoga.

(In reality, these methods are very essential and effective to help blood pressure control. But they are not sufficient in all patients.)

  1. If blood pressure gets lower than 120/80 mm of Hg on treatment, it’s not good.

(In fact, this is the ideal value.)

  1. One should take a BP pill only when blood pressure increases, otherwise it’s not needed.

(This is very unscientific and risky practice.)

  1. “Blood pressure is recorded high as I hurried to Doctor and climbed the stairs.”

(Always get blood pressure measured only after being restful for minimum 5 minutes.)

  1. Wearing a metal bracelet cures blood pressure.

(It is pathetic that even in the 21st century such nonscientific beliefs are prevalent.)

  1. HIgh blood pressure is a disease of only elderly age. 

(Unfortunately, in the current era, many youngsters also suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure.)