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Any person and especially those with pre-existing heart disease or with more than one risk factors, should do the following when any of the above-mentioned symptoms are experienced :

  1. Sit quietly at one place and take a deep breath.
  2. Inform a friend/ relative/ colleague that you have chest pain and it may be due to heart.
  3. Put a tablet of sorbitrate or Isordil (5 mg) under the tongue and chew it, or spray Nitroglycerine in the mouth. Always keep these medicines with you; they can help greatly during crisis.
  4. Always keep ‘health card’ in your pocket. That should have information about your illness, medicines, your doctor and hospital.
  5. If pain does not subside within 5 minutes, chew one more tablet.
  6. Take blood thinning medicine – Aspirin or Disprin (325 mg) after it in water or it may be swallowed.
  7. If the pain still persists, contact your doctor, call the ambulance and reach the hospital immediately. Perhaps it may be a heart attack. Wasting time may prove fatal.

A person with heart disease should avoid all situations which can precipitate angina. If such a situation is unavoidable, one should take tablet sorbitrate or Isordil under the tongue proactively 5 – 10 minutes before. This will reduce the possibility of angina.