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The meaning of this word for a common man is : ‘The heart has stopped functioning.’ But its true meaning is : ‘Decrease in efficiency of the heart.’ With every beat, the left ventricle of the heart pumps blood through the body. This is called pumping of heart. The efficiency of a heart is expressed by ‘LVEF’ obtained by echocardiography. Generally, efficiency of heart (LVEF) is 60% or more. When this efficiency is reduced to less than 50%, one can say that, ‘heart has become weak’. Sometimes at an old age, due to stiffness efficiency of the heart is normal. This condition is also called as ‘heart failure’. Moreover, in some disease conditions like anaemia, hyperthyroidism, etc., body’s requirement of blood and oxygen increases so much that even with the pumping efficiency of 60% – 70%, the patient faces problems. This condition is also called as ‘Heart Failure’.