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This is a metabolic disease. In most of the instance this disease is either caused or contributed by bad habits and lifestyle. Therefore, it is also called a ‘lifestyle disease’.

In this disease, the proportion of surgery / glucose in blood increases above normal level because the body is glucose and for a cell to obtain energy from this, insulin hormone is essential. Diabetes can occur in the following two conditions :

  1. Lack or deficiency of insulin in the body.
  2. Insulin cannot function properly due to resistance offered by cells to it. In this situation there may be normal of higher production of insulin in the body.

The number of patients with diabetes due to second reason has greatly increased in the last 10-20 years. The factors responsible for this type 2 diabetes are sedentary life, lack of exercise caloric consumption and projected belly (central obesity).

Sugar Level in blood mg/100 ml blood Ideal Impaired Glucose ToleranceDiabetes
After 10 hrs fasting (FBS)< 100101 -126>126 
Tow hrs after a meal or 75 gm glucose ingestion (PP2BS)< 140 141 – 200>200