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  1. Cultivate healthy food habits.
  2. To love and give a regular place to physical activities and exercise in life.
  3. Take proper treatment for any illness found responsible for obesity (e.g. hypothyroid, steroid excess, etc..).
  4. Medicines to reduce weight : A few medicines are available today.Keeping various contraindications and side effects in mind, they should be used only if suggested by an expert.
  5. Bariatric Surgery : This surgery has found greater acceptance in the last 10 – 15 years. Such surgery is carried out only when BMI of a patient is greater than 35-40 kg / m2 and has complications due to obesity. Thus, it is done for selected patients only.

But a very important point worth remembering is obesity is a preventable chronic disease. So let us be careful in selection of what we eat and impart due importance to physical activities in life.