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Healthy Lifestyle : To prevent many illnesses and help controlling / curing them, living a lifestyle conducive of good health is vitally important. Most of us know what constitutes a healthy lifestyle but mostly it is the introspection leading to realization and commitment to it for long term is lacking.

  1. Food and Nutrition : Optimize the use of raw or boiled vegetables without much oil and spices. Reduce intake of ghee, oil and fatty foods. Reduce salt intake to less than 5 gm per day. This is achieved when we put < 70% of salt (as compared to our regular practice) to only dal sabji. Adding salt to buttermilk, salads, in preparation of food like bread and roti is very dangerous for the health. Patients with hypertension should avoid consumption of food with high salt like achar, papad, namkeen, etc.
  2. Exercise : Regular 40-90 minutes of exercises like walking, swimming, jogging, cycling, sports, gardening,etc. is very good for the heart. Increasing physical activities through changing our habits like walking from parking place to office, using stairs instead of lift, etc.helps a lot.

Many people complain about the lack of time for exercises. We all know it is lack of commitment in real sense. Otherwise, how would Mr Narendra Modi, Mr Barack Obama, Mr Anil Ambani have time for exercise ?

  1. Yoga and Pranayama : Daily practice of 15-30 minutes will help to stabilize the mind and establish peace in cells. It helps healing.
  2. Reading : Positive and Creative thoughts nourishes mind and makes life hopeful and pleasurable.
  3. Tobacco and Alcohol Addiction : It adds fuel to the fire. No medicine would work well unless de-addiction is achieved.

Thus, adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only helps to prevent but also control heart diseases.