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‘Do I have cholesterol ?’ or ‘Is my cholesterol level higher ?’ Only way to answer this question or curiosity is to get a blood investigation-lipid profile done. Every person of more than 20 years of age (and in special circumstances a person of less than this age also) should get lipid profile done after fasting for 10 hours. The level of main five types of fat can be known by it. In special cases, a Doctor also for investigations of fats other than this.

On the basis of age, weight-physical constitution, presence of other diseases and few other factors, a Doctor paralysis for an individual. This helps to decide whether one needs the medicines for reducing bad cholesterol or increasing good cholesterol.

The aim of maintaining the desired level of cholesterol is achieved in some people by making changes in their lifestyle only, i.e. adopting above mentioned good habits of diet, abandoning addiction and doing regular exercise. Some people have a high level of cholesterol as a part of some illness e.g. hypothyroidism. In such instances, level of cholesterol becomes compulsory for those who have very high level of bad cholesterol.

In current time, medicine named ‘statin’ is frequently prescribed to reduce bad cholesterol. As a result of many researches it has been proved that people having diabetes or those who have suffered from heart attack / angina / paralysis or those who have narrowing of arteries supplying blood to limb or any other organ, get many benefits by regular use of statin even if their cholesterol level is normal. Not only that, life expectancy of the patients increases. Sometimes the doctor also prescribes more than one medicine on the basis of lipid profile.