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  1. Open or Closed Heart Surgery : Surgery was compulsory for almost all types of structural defects of the heart before 15-20 years. It is quite obvious that in such a major surgery performed under general anaesthesia, some complications may arise. This is why the parents of a child are hesitant to accept it.
  2. Percutaneous interventions, A permanent Remedy Without Surgery : Within the last 2 decades, tremendous Success is achieved in dialing the valve by passing a balloon through an artery or a vein of the leg. Treading on the same path, such methods are now developed for closing the hole in the wall of the heart. An umbrella or a mushroom or a button-like device is taken up to the hole, ASD, VSD or PDA are closed and cured permanently.
  3.  Medicines : Digitalis, Diuretics, Beta-Blockers, ACE Inhibitors, Sildenafil, etc.medicines are useful in appropriate cases.