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Thousands of people in the world die every day because of the use of tobacco and smoking. These stimulating substances give momentary happiness but gain control over a person’s body and mind in the long run and lead him to disease and death.

There are many poisonous chemicals including nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar in the smoke of tobacco.

(1) Harmful Effects of smoking :

Due to smoking, heartbeats and blood pressure increase, good cholesterol decreases, bad cholesterol becomes stickier and blood pressure thicker. All these lead to development of blockage in coronary and other arteries.

Smoking increases risk of heart disease by 2-5 folds. Besides this risk of diseases of the respiratory system, abdomen and intestine, mouth-teeth-gum and various type of cancer increases greatly.

(2) Benefits of Getting Rid of Smoking :

(A) The risk of heart attack starts declining within twenty four hours only and will become almost similar to that of a normal person within a period of two years.

(B) Your good cholesterol level will increase.

(c) Risk of cancer and other illnesses will start decreasing.

(D)  Bad smell during exhalation will improve and self- confidence will increase while sitting/ talking with people around you.

(E) You will get rid of frequent cold,smokers cough and lung-related illnesses.

(F) Appetite and digestive power will improve.

(G) Your valuable money will be saved.

(H)    Your life partner, children, family members and friends will be happy. Their passive smoking will stop.

(I) Your children will not get your bad habit of smoking in heredity.

( 3 ) Getting Rid of Smoking is Difficult, Not Impossible :

                                 I am witness to the fact that many patients smoking 50-100 bidi /  cigarettes per day have quit smoking successfully and attained good health. Your decision taken with understanding and your confidence in yourself are the bases to help you getting rid of smoking 

                               Take good food, exercise regularly, take interest in games / sports, listening to music, entertain yourself and keep yourself busyBe in the company of good friends who are non-smokers.Read good books. Worship God whom you have faith in,  meditate and pray for energy. Go to a dentist, get your teeth cleaned and look smart.Keep on memorizing the benefits derived by you and your family after getting rid of smoking. Congratulate and reward yourself. If necessary, nicotine supplements or medicines which help to get rid of smoking can be taken as per doctor’s advice. But use this for an initial period of three months only. 

Do not get despaired if you experience weakness, uneasiness, boredom, etc. in the initial stage after coming out of addiction.  

(  Note :  Disadvantages of alcohol consumption have been discussed in chapter No.21 )