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Who can develop this illness ?

Presence of few risk factors increases the chance and speed of deposition of fat (atherosclerosis) inside the coronary arteries. These factors are :

Modifiable :

  1. High blood pressure (Hypertension) 
  2. Diabetes
  3. Dyslipidemia : High level of bad cholesterol and low level of good cholesterol 
  4. Obesity and overweight
  5. Sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise
  6. Tobacco consumption and excess of alcohol 
  7. Psychosocial Stress

Non-modifiable :

  1. Genetics / Heredity : Heart disease in first degree family relatives at premature age
  2. Gender : Being male (In female also risk increases after menopause)
  3. Age : Higher the age, the more the risk.

Generally, the more risk factors, the more the chance to have heart disease. There are few exceptions wherein a person without any risk factor may develop heart heart disease and there may be few “lucky” ones who in spite of having multiple serious risk factors, may not develop heart disease. In last few decades scientific research has identified few more novel risk factors.