This is what patients say about Dr. Anish Chandarana. 

Kandarp Soni

Dr. Anish sir is a gem of CIMS.
The way he deals and connects with the patient is very friendly and kindly. To motivate and and give positive vibes to the patient is not normal thing one can see in every doctors nowadays.
The way he consulted my mom is much appreciated and
one last point...

“Dealing with patients like he does is not every Doctor’s cup of Tea”

Thanks Anish Sir , Thanks CIMS.

Varun Bharwad

Dr. Anish treats like a family members, he has such a positive personality. 

Harshal Patel

Good treatment. Very kindly and friendly approach. 

Tanmay Parmar

I am in touch with him for the past 11 years. My father is alive and living a healthy life just because of him. It’s his nature and kind attitude that has earned him such a great reputation.

Mahadevan Iyer

No words to describe. One of the most trustworthy & reliable doctor have ever experienced. My mom has recovered 100% post consulting this gem.  Really commendable. Thank you doc, for everything.

Dharti Patel

5 star is not enough, he is so excellent, one of the best cardiologist I ever know, consulted him for my husband and my uncle, but I must say.. He is the best. Thank you so much Dr. Anish Chandarana
I don’t have enough words to thank you.

Malhar Patel

Absolutely satisfied with Sir's approach to patient and family. Thorough scientific explanation and counselling.
One of the best medical skills in interventional cardiology.
Sir is approachable in case of emergency and CIMS hospital is committed to deliver highest care.
Highly recommended for heart issue.

Ashok Singh

Such a good cardiologist, I have never seen a doctor like him before. He is never behaving like professional doctor, he behaves like a family member and give such a good suggestion that I had never experienced before from another doctor. Thanks sir, I appreciate you, you are doing a good job.

Lionel Rodricks

Qualities of a good doctor –on a professional and personal level he has displayed a caring and professional approach to all my cardiac problems. He has always taken my phone calls; has never shown any negative emotion even when under work pressure; has been kind and generous with his time and heard me out patiently. In short, my experience with Dr. Chandarana has been first class.

Sonali Patel

A doctor with very friendly behaviour. He understands patients problems very well, financially also. Always recommend all the patients to take treatment under his guidance.

Bhavik Prajapati

I had visited with lots of confusion on last week, but he gives more than one solution by going through reports, which was carried out by CIMS team .
offers empathetic as well as confidential solution. Thanks a lot doctor. 

Khushali Parikh

One of the best cardiologists in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. One of my relatives was treated by him and the patient was extremely thrilled with the warmth received from Dr. Chandarana.

Dipesh Pandya

Such a good man & superb doctor, he behaves a family member with patient. Such a great person Dr. Anish sir, I salute you!

Harkishan Raval

Apart from Dr., he is nice person indeed. A combination of generosity and genius, real surgeon with a big heart.

Nevil Christian

The approach Dr Anish Chandarana from CIMS for my mom - Mruduta Christian. We are from Valsad and still we come specially to get treatment from Dr. Anish. He is very friendly and gives perfect advise. His advise halfly cures the patient itself during his consultation.
God Bless him !!!

Bhavin Manatar

Dr. Anish Chandarana is very helpful to patients, i am thoroughly satisfied by his practice.

Tho Mahudha

I was suffering from biventricular failure with acute renal failure with critical condition before reaches to Dr. Anish Chandarana. He treated me and i got better within 7 days.  He is a very good cardiologist. He is also very good in nature and very polite.

Ankit Joshi

It is not everytime when you come out of the Doctor's cabin with the heart and mind full of satisfaction and with a feeling to meet him once again, not for the follow up !

Consulted Dr. Anish for my father Dr. Sudhir Joshi. Being a professor, my father appreciates micro details in explanation and there are very rare occasions when he is fully satisfied with the explanation given.

When we met Dr. Anish, I could sense that my father was quite impressed and satisfied by the consultation. In Dr. Anish's words, his chamber really turned into a conference table instead of the typical medical consultation table.

Read his book "Hraday, Ishwar ni ek adbhoot bakshish" in one-sit and found it very much interesting, resourceful, knowledgeable.

Want to thank Dr. Anish for his guidance and time and wishing lots of happiness for him and his family.

Best Wished and Kind Regards,
Ankit Joshi.

Kulin Sanghavi

I, Kulin Sanghvi – Envision Scientific, am associated with Intervention Cardiology field since 2007 at Ahmedabad market. I have approached so many well known cardiologists across the Gujarat state. But found very few to whom we can count on our finger tips, who throw a fair and neutral opinion to patients for which they always trust them blindly.

Dr. Anish Chandarana is one of those practitioners at CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad. Sir has supported us for our special product Magic Touch, Sirolimus Coated Balloon with Nanotechnology U. S. Patented, for which we all are grateful to him always. Please sir start your support for the same as and when you get the chance for Magic Touch usage.

I met you on last Monday with Hemanth for a female patient’s consultation from Bhavnagar. Thanks for that once again on their behalf. Wish you all the very best for your future sir. We love you !

Kuldeep Desai

Dr. Anish Chandarana is an excellent cardiologist and honest personality.

Harsh Patel

Excellent Performance & nice response. Truly one of the best cardiologist i came across. 

Nimesh Gosai

I referred Dr. Anish for my brother's treatment, the treatment was very good and effective. I like the caring nature & professional attitude of Dr. Anish, one of the best cardiologists. 

Dr. Vineet Sankhla

One of the well known and senior cardiologist of Ahmedabad, brilliant academic record throughout his medical career.

Naresh Patel

Such a nice person to treat patients with familiarity & amiability. Solved 50% of our problems with his effective advice. 

Prashant Valanda

Dr. Chandarana Sahib is a genius personality. Wishes for joyful life with happiness and good health and long life. 

Nila Chauhan

Dr. Anish Chandarana is great cardiologist indeed.

Paras Bohra

Best cardiac doctor in all-over Gujarat. Thank you Anish sir. 

Ashka Vora

Best cardiologist very good nature. We are always thankful to him. I give 10 stars for his remarkable service. Very kind doctor. Always a positive approach. 

Jay Patel

Great doctor with very good knowledge. Extremely humble person and easy to approach personality. Please do visit and consult for any heart diseases.

Hiren Vaghela

Best cardiologist very humble and down to earth with excellent knowledge of cardiology🙏

He is best Cardiologist doctor in this world. He has a beautiful friendly nature.

Bhavin Katrodiya

I had discussion with Dr. Anish Chandarana today, the manner of his communication is so kind and he guides a proper way for treatment with all possible ways. After discussion with him I am confident to say Dr. Anish is a combination of Experience + Love + knowledge. Thanks a lot for your book as well.

Vishram Senghani

Absolutely an angel in disguise. True description of God sending his angels to earth to assist the needy. No matter how much I praise you it’s not enough. Wonderful doctor as well as a superb human being. I, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words can’t describe how grateful we are for everything you have done. Thank you so much. May God always protect you and your family. 

Tejdeep Patel

Great doctor. He treats every patient as his family member.  My father Ghanshyam bhai was treated by him. I have no words for his kindness.

Anokhee Shah

Having been referred to Dr. Anish Chandarana for my mother, was an experience in itself. Contrary to my belief, he turned out to be quite an approachable doctor, very empathetic and an excellent listener, very rarely seen in doctors who work round the clock!
Apart from him being an excellent cardiologist, he also seemed to be a spiritual persona &  quality that makes him a holistic healer!
It is quite a relieving feeling that mom is in good hands!

Himani Pathak

A comprehensive cardiologist with a kind touch and great heart towards patients. Always thankful for his positive support to me and my all relatives.

Dharan Raythaththa

Extremely great cardiologist with good treatment. 

Saloni Thakkar

Best cardiologist in Ahmedabad. Nice handling & behaviour in general. 

Krishna Parikh

Best cardiologist with a super cool behaviour.

Jayantibhai Patel

Dr. Anish Chandarana has done commendable work.  

Maulik Joshi

He is a genius doctor and one of the best cardiac surgen in Ahmedabad. Kind man with sharp judgement and only gives required medical treatment.

Nutan Hingarajia

Whole experience was very good. He updated us in detail about the situation and what can be the best solution for this. Also did the best which needs to be done.

Mohammad Farooq Saiyad

Treating every patient as he is treating his own siblings or parents. Truly is really great doctor. 

Maharshi Kothamdi

I got connected to the best doctor for my medical condition. Dr. Anish Chandarana is the best cardiologist in Ahmedabad. He is friendly and comforting. I thank him and his team.

Nabanita Bhattacharjee

A doctor with friendly approach, and a charming personality.  Proper diagnosis with appropriate treatment.

Asha Kamdar

Dr. Anish Chandarana is a one of the best cardiologists we have came across. I recently been gone through his treatment. In my 59 years of life experience, I have never been to such great human being and most importantly excellent doctor.

Thank you very much for all successful efforts and positive outcome of treatment undergone.

Thanks to all CIMS family for all their best assistance. 
Wish you and your family great success and best health for lifetime.

Asha Kamdar.

 Dr P J Hathi

Good doctor & a genuine person.

Bindi Mehta

One of my close relative was treated by Dr Anish Chandarana Sir at CIMS hospital and they were very glad that they spent real valuable time for their health related discussion with Dr. Anish Chandarana sir.

We are very much impressed with Sir's advice, related to health and all healthy living style description as well. The discussion was very fruitful and we express our gratefulness.

Thanks and Regards
Bindi Mehta.

Honey Singh

The doctor was so friendly and gave tips for maintaining good health. We were relaxed after talking with him.

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