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If there is a slight decrease in the efficiency of the heart, a person may not experience symptoms. Day by day, as the heart becomes weaker and weaker, symptoms increase and the patient experiences more and more problems. Moreover, two patients having the same pumping efficiency can have difference in the severity of their symptoms.

Symptoms : 

  1. Feel tired and shortness of breath even while doing daily work with which one is accustomed to.
  2. Find difficulty in breathing even while sitting.
  3. Find difficulty in breathing while lying down, feel better while getting up.
  4. Dizziness, blurred vision.
  5. Swelling on the legs, increase in weight
  6. Less urine frequency during day, while more frequently during the night.
  7. Feeling of beats in chest.
  8. Pain in the right upper abdominal part.
  9. Loss of appetite, indigestion.
  10. Loss of weight in the long run.
  11. Restlessness, irritation, loss of memory.
  12. Slight feverish feeling.
  13. Frequent cold and cough.
  14. Liver, kidney and other organs become weak in the long run giving rise to other symptoms of those organs.

Patients with heart failure approach the doctor with two different complaints :

  1. Sudden onset of shortness of breath (Acute Heart Failure)
  2. Gradual increase in above symptoms (Chronic Heart Failure)