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Unfortunately in most of the diabetic patients, there are no symptoms suggesting shortage of blood supply to the heart. In other words, a person gets silent ischemia or silent heart attack. No chest pain is felt even though a person’s heart does not get blood supply or there is a heart attack ! Many other patients experience abnormal or atypical symptoms such as slight uneasiness, mild perspiration, giddiness, stomachache or acidity, backache or pain in jaws, difficulty in breathing and getting tired even after slight exertion, etc.

That’s why even with such abnormal symptoms, a diabetic patient should contact the doctor and get his blood pressure checked, and if required undergo cardiogram and other investigations. It can be risky to believe that ‘as I do not have severe pain in the middle of the chest, it is not a heart attack’.

It is advisable for every diabetic patient to undergo a complete health check-up periodically. This will help one to take preventive steps so that proper functioning of vital organs like the heart, brain, kidneys and eyes is maintained.