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Twenty first century is perceived as a century of stress. Any object, thought, event or incident which produces a change in the pre-existing stable mental and physical state of a human being, can create stress.Many factors create stress. Moreover, factors responsible for creating stress can be different from person and in the same person from time to time. Many factors such as, the lack of fulfilment of basic needs like food-clothes  shelter; responsibility of sticking to time schedule; financial, constraints and economic management; responsibility of maintaining social relationship and prestige; professional responsibilities; adverse geographical factors; aspiration to move ahead continuously and earn more; illness; fear of death; current state of the nation and the world, etc., can create stress. These all are external factors and forces. But as our Rishis have mentioned, basically six enemies residing within a human being are only responsible for his stress and illness. They are ; desires, anger,greed, fascination, vanity ( ego ) and jealousy. Our entire life would be much less than adequate to get control over these six internal enemies even if we make very serious and conscious efforts. Therefore, it is said : “ one who conquers the world is a brave person ( vir ), but one who conquers one’s own self is the greatest conqueror ( Mahavir ).”

Some stress is necessary for life. If a student does not have even a little stress, the result of exams will not be as expected. Likewise, if a doctor performs the surgery without focused attention. result may be bad and unfavourable in a particular case; if a driver drives the vehicle in carefree mood, it may not take even a moment to cause an accident. It is not possible to completely eliminate the stress from life. In fact, it is necessary to understand stress and find a way out of it with patience and learn the art of overcoming it.