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(1) Sleep : A Necessity of Mind and Body :

In order to work with zeal and vigour, adequate rest and good quality sleep is necessary. A human body and mind can live without sleep or rest for few days. But if this exceeds individual’s physiological capacity, negative mental feelings like fatigue, boredom, uneasiness, lack of concentration, excitement, irritation, frustration will prevail and body and mind will be tried.

Generally, 6-8 hours (out of 24 hours) Sleep / rest are sufficient for an adult. If you steal a nap of 15-45 minutes in the afternoon, it will work wonders. Many people complain that when they get up in the morning, they feel very tired, have dullness in the body or feel “ I have not slept at all !”. Lack of awareness of methods to induce sound sleep is the reason for this situation. Sleep is a physical, mental and spiritual event. Following tips will prove important in order to have a good sleep.

(2) Factors Responsible for Sound Sleep :

(a) ‘As is the day, so will be the night and as is the night, so will be the day.’ According to this, keep yourself away for things and activities like excitement, anger, bad thoughts, jealousy, slander, addictions, harmful diet and other passionate things and activities.

(b) Have a light supper as early as possible. Saunter for 1-2 hours after supper, do normal activities. Do not go to sleep straight aways.

(c) Keep away from activities leading to mental fatigue or causing excitement ( Stressful meeting or watching some TV channels, etc.) After dinner. people who watch debates on TV channels till late night, would surely spoil their sleep during that night.

(d) Read religious, spiritual, inspirational books at night. praying alone or with family invites peace. After reaching home at night, make a habit of talking nice and positive things with everyone in the family. This will add to affection / love amongst the members. Avoid mutual criticism.

(e)  Go to bed on time.

(f) Loosen the body completely in the beginning while sleeping. Make every muscle, bone, organ completely loose. Assume the corpse pose as if a crumpled piece of cloth is lying 

(g) Bring your mind to peace after passing 5-10 minutes. No need to remember conversations, activities or dealings done during the day. Avoid complex mental exercises to solve some important questions during the night. Try to pacify the mind completely. Meditating through Vipassana or other methods helps to have a good sleep.

(h) You will find it difficult in the beginning, but it will be achieved through constant practice. Then you will get sound sleep that will increase your efficiency during the day.

(i) Use of sleeping pills is worth avoiding. Nevertheless, proper use of these medicines can be done as per the advice of doctor in several illnesses and mental conditions if no option is lift.