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(1) It is necessary to undergo a general check-up before starting the exercise programme. Intensity and type of exercise to be done can be decided after undergoing evaluation for heart rate, blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, ECG, treadmill test if necessary and some other investigations. A person with high blood pressure or blockage in the coronary arteries may hurt himself if he starts exercising without proper evaluation.

(2) Wear relaxed cotton clothes, comfortable shoes and other auxiliary things. Be careful not to get injured during exercise.

(3) Those who wish to go for more strenuous exercise and especially resistance training, should do so under the supervision of a trainer, at least in the beginning.

(4) Have some light breakfast before exercise ( 1-2 biscuits, some dry fruits, etc.). Exercise is better not performed with totally empty stomach. You will feel less tired if you take a fruit after performing exercise. Avoid dehydration by taking sips of plain or lemon water during exercise.

(5) Let the heart and lungs get tune by performing warm up exercise in the beginning and cool-down exercise at the end for 5-7 minutes each.

(6) If possible, measure your heart rates during exercise. Intensity of exercise you can undertake with reasonable safety should be decided on the basis of the following formula : 

Target heart rate : 220 – age = (______) * 0.6 to 0.8 / minute 

When you achieve your heart rate / minutes in this range, you are getting maximum benefit without the risk.

If you are 60 year old, your target heart rate :    

220 – 60 = ( 160 ) * 0.6 to 0.8 = 96 to 128 minute

(7) If this is not possible, you may go for ‘Talk Test’. If you are able to talk easily and in clear words while performing exercise with less intensity. If you find too much difficulty in talking, it means you are performing exercise with more than required intensity. The ideal intensity of exercise is between these two extremes.

(8) Stop exercise, if you find any of the following warning symptoms :

  • Pressure in the chest / pain that radiates into left arm
  • Too much / out of proportion difficulty in breathing 
  • Dizziness / feeling heavy head
  • Heavy palpitations in the chest or feeling of missing a beat

(9) Do not perform exercise if you are very tired, have sleeplessness, full stomach, minor-major illness, fever or flu.