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  1. For initial 2-3 weeks, do not raise your concerned arm above shoulder, do not lift weight more than 2-3 kg and do not vigorously shake your hand.
  2. Pacemaker gets affected by a magnet. So patient with pacemaker should keep away from passing through safety gates located at public places and MRI scan.
  3. The pacemaker does not stop functioning even if a person enters such magnetic fields. Thus, there is no risk to life if a person with pacemaker enters such area. Parameters specially customized for the patient will get upset. So a patient would need to go to the hospital within the next few days to reset the parameters.
  4. In the present time, magnet compatible pacemakers are also available. A patient with such a pacemaker can undergo MRI scan without any fear.
  5. If such a person has to undergo any surgery, he should inform the surgeon about the pacemaker. An instrument named ‘cautery’ cannot be used during surgery. If  this is to be used compulsorily, the pacemaker needs to be shifted to certain mode in advance.