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Our heartbeats keep on varying throughout the days and nights. Generally, heartbeats range between 55-70 / minute during rest and 80 – 120 / minute while working,depending upon the type, intensity and duration of work. This is quite essential. If the heartbeats do not increase while we exert, we feel giddy, breathless and we may fall down.

When a common artificial pacemaker is implanted, heart rate becomes fixed as pre decided setting of the battery. If the heartbeats are set at 80 beats/minute, they will remain the same, even when a person is at rest or lying in bad or doing labour. This is not physiological and it does not allow the patient to enjoy the quality of life.

There are artificial pacemakers which can increase or decrease electrical impulses generated from it (and so the heartbeats) based on the activities of a patient’s body. It generates 60-65 beats/minute when patient is resting and can increase them up to 90-120 beats/minute while the patient is exerting. This is called a rate responsive pacemaker.

If possible, most patients should receive dual chamber rate responsive pacemaker implantation.