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Introduction :  Medical studies have proved that a person with high level of triglyceride or low level of HDL cholesterol has a significantly increased risk of heart disease. The possibility of heart attack reduces if triglyceride is decreased or HDL cholesterol is increased. In fact, this pattern of lipid profile is more commonly seen in Indians and Asians.

Effects : Both these medicines have a positive effect on the cholesterol level, as mentioned above. Scientific conclusions drawn in the last several years are against the routine use of both these medicines. Therefore, the medical world has almost discontinued the use of Nicotinic Acid and has advised the use of Fibrate in patients with diabetes, only if triglyceride level is more than 200 mg / dl even after giving statin.

Dose : 

Tab Micronized Fenofibrate : 40 – 165 mg : per day

Tab Nicotinic Acid : 250 mg – 2 g : per day

Side effects :

  1. Fibrate :
  1. Acidity, stomach upset
  2. Muscular pain

     (2) Nicotinic Acid

  1. Hot Flushing
  2. Increase in blood sugar level
  3. Increase of serum uric acid level
  4. Stone in gallbladder