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A human body cannot produce both these fatty acids; therefore, it is quite essential to take them in the diet. Both these are very much needed for the growth of mind and body of children and protect us from dangerous diseases like blood pressure, gout, stroke, heart attack and cancer. We get this fatty acid from almost all types of dry fruits (macadamia, almond, pistachio, walnut, etc.), several fish and milk of grass-fed cows.

Type of FatIts Effects on Body Source Ideal Quantity / Day
CholesterolBad – Increases bad Cholesterol, increases the possibility of heart attack.Substances with animal fat, meat, yellow part of egg and milk are the main sources. Very less quantity in vegetation.< 200 mg
Saturated Fatty Acid (SAFA) Bad – Increases bad cholesterol, increases the possibility of heart attack.Substances with animal fat, meat, milk, cream, butter, cheese, bakery items, coconut, palm, etc.Take < 7% calories of daily requirement
Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid (MUFA)Very good – Reduces possibility heart attack and diabetes. Increases good cholesterol.Mustard, all dry fruits, olive, canola, fishTake 10 to 15 % of calorie daily requirement
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid (PUFA)Good – Reduces bad cholesterol, possibility of heart attack and diabetes.Cereals, grains, walnut, sunflower, card, etc.Take 10 to 15 % of calories of daily requirement
Trans Fatty Acids (TRAFA)Extremely bad – As good as inviting heart attack.It is produced by boiling the same soil repeatedly. It is also produced while preparing three from butter. Bakery items, those items which are very crispy and crunchy : wafer, biscuit, cookies, etc.Take less than 3 % of the calories of daily requirement. Best if it is completely avoided.