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The human heart is a wonderful creation of God. It starts beating quite early when a child is in the mother’s womb and keeps on beating constantly without getting tired till a person lives ! A human heart beats more than 1,00,000 times in twenty four hours !

There is an electric system spread within the walls of the heart, same as the concealed electric wiring in the walls of our house. Heartbeats are formed in the right auricle of the heart at a place known as sinoatrial (SA) node. An electric current is generated here and it reaches up to atrioventricular (AV) node by means of biological wires. After a very short pause at AV node, the electric current moves forward and spreads to both ventricles. The entire network of wires is known as conduction system of the heart. With each impulse, entire heart throbs. SA node generates 60-100 impulses per minute. This is what we call as ‘beats’. With every beat, the heart pumps blood.

The impulse generation is regulated by brain and some hormones. Moment to moment, under many physiological and pathological influences heartbeats keep varying.