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Introduction : In a healthy individual coronary arteries keep on contracting and relaxing under various physiological and pathological influences. Atherosclerosis makes these coronary arteries brittle and narrow. These narrowed arteries cannot relax well and blood supply to the heart reduces.

Effects : Nitrate medicines relax and dilate the coronary arteries leading to better blood supply to the heart.

When to use ?

  1. Stable angina
  2. Unstable angina
  3. Heart attack
  4. Weak pumping of Heart : Heart Failure
  5. During or before the anticipated episode of angina  

Dose :

Tab Isosorbide Dinitrate : 10-30 mg : Every 4 hours

Tab Isosorbide Mononitrate : 20-60 mg : Twice a day, at an interval of 8 hours

Tab Nitroglycerine : 0.5 mg : keep under the tongue and chew

Tab Isosorbide Dinitrate : 5 mg : keep under the tongue and chew

Nitroglycerine Spray : Spray two times in the mouth

Nitroglycerine Patch : Paste on the skin for 12-18 hours

Injection Nitroglycerin : For continuous intravenous infusion when a patient is admitted in ICU under medical supervision

Side effects :

  1. Headache.
  2. Drop in blood pressure.
  3. Tolerance : Effect reduces after long term use.