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Many methods of meditation have been evolved in India and the world and few are very popular. Innumerable great persons, Rishis, sages and common people have used these methods for self-help.

(1) Jain Meditation

(2) Preksha Meditation

(3) Vipashyana Meditation

(4) Patanjali Meditation

(5) Spand Meditation 

(6) Mantra (Chanting) Meditation

(7) Dream Meditation

(8) Sleep Meditation

(9) Death Meditation

(10) Kayotsarg Meditation

(11) Tratak Meditation

(12) Shree Aurobindo Meditation

(13) Swaminarayan Meditation

(14) Osho Meditation

(15) Samarpan Meditation

(16) Atit (Past) Meditation

(17) Bhavi (Future) Meditation

Besides these, there are many other methods of Meditation.