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The world ‘ Yoga’ is derived from ‘Yuj’, the simple meaning of which is to ‘join’ or ‘union’ Yoga means union of body, mind and spirit. Meditation is defined in many ways : 

(1) Meditation means silence of mind or stability of mind. 

(2) Meditation means just be witness or visualize the omnipresent.

(3) Meditation means a pilgrimage towards the inner being.

(4) Meditation means arduous efforts to gain control over the self.

(5) Meditation means  arduous efforts made for self realisation.

(6) Meditation means the process of identification of the self-’I’

(7) Meditation means arduous efforts made to gain victory over the six internal enemies.

(8) Meditation means to achieve the state of Brahma who is symbol of Truth, Knowledge and Bliss.

(9) Meditation means introspection