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The medicine like Streptokinase, Urokinase, tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA), Tenactaplase or Alteplase is given intravenously to the patient over 10-60 minutes. This medicine is effective only if the patient has reached the hospital within three hours from the onset of chest pain, earlier the better. This medicine can restore the blood circulation by dissolving the blood clot inside the artery in 30 – 60 % cases only.

Serious haemorrhage in brain or stomach / intestine (1-2%) and recurrence of blood clot leading to re-heart attack (1-2%) are two other major limitations of this treatment.

If the patient does not show any signs of improvement within 1-2 hours after giving fibrinolytic treatment, considering it as failure or medicine, the patient must be immediately shifted for angiography and subsequently revascularization to a hospital facility for the same is available. Even if there is an improvement in patient’s health, it is necessary to transfer him to an appropriate hospital so that angiography can be done well in time.