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Name of the MedicineEffect on Lipid ProfileAdvantages
StatinIt reduces total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and to some extent triglyceride.Possibility of heart attack, paralysis reduces and life expectancy increases.
FibrateReduces triglyceride, VLDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterolPossibility of heart attack reduces in some patients.
Nicotinic AcidIncreases HDL cholesterol, reduces triglyceride and total cholesterol to some extent.According to the latest research, this medicine has not been able to give good results.
EzetimibeReduces total and LDL cholesterol (when given with statin)Earlier studies were negative. Recently one research showed benefits of this medicine.
OMEGA-3 Fatty Acid Increases HDL cholesterol and decreases triglycerideAccording to some investigations, it reduces the possibility of irregularity of heart beats / cardiac arrest.

It is almost certain that every patient would ask one question to the doctor. ‘ Will this medicine not cause any side effects ?’ No efficacious medicine in the world can be without side effects like acidity, muscular-joint pain or swelling on liver due to Statin. High doses taken for many years can increase blood sugar level also. Therefore, it is necessary to visit the doctor regularly and undergo necessary investigations (especially liver function tests SGPT and SGOT and check for sugar like GHbAIC). These side effects are nullified by reducing the dose of medicine or in some cases, by temporarily discontinuing the medicine. Benefits of statin to prevent heart attack and stroke are so huge and well proven heart attack and stroke are so huge and well proven that small risk of development of diabetes on long run is negligible. Almost all the patients ask another question to the doctor : ‘Will I have to take the medicines for the entire life ?’ High blood pressure, diabetes, dyslipidemia and some other chronic illnesses are controllable but not curable. In case of some people, cholesterol is kept under control by good lifestyle only and they can discontinue medicines. Majority of the patients have take the medicines for the entire life and if not, one has to remain prepared for accepting high cholesterol and inviting serious troubles caused due to it.