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During the process of diagnosis, based on patient’s symptoms, heart rate and blood pressure, Nitroglycerine or Nicorandil medicines is given as a slow continuous intravenous infusion. In order to give dosage of medicines meticulously, an electric apparatus (infusion pump) is used instead of a bottle. Medicines like clopidogrel / Prasugrel / Ticagrelor to thin the blood; Statin to reduce cholesterol and improve general condition of arteries, Beta-blockers to control heart rate, blood pressure and make heart stable; ACE Inhibitors to control blood pressure and reduce stress on the heart, etc. Are given to the patient. Injection of Heparin to prevent further blood clotting is also given as per the case. If the blood sugar level is high, it is controlled with injection of Insulin. In addition, medicines to control acidity, to give mental rest / sleep and laxatives to reduces straining at stool are given. After a confirmed diagnosis of heart attack, it is essential to take an important decision – how to reperfuse the heart by re-establishing the blood flow in the artery. There are two options – either to give a fibrinolytic injection to dissolve the blood clot responsible for block in the artery through angioplasty and place a stent there – this decision is to be taken within few minutes only. Every moment adds to the difficulty faced by the heart.