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Friends, there is always some risk involved in any surgery. The risk involved in bypass surgery depends on many factors. Efficiency of the heart; condition of arteries; presence of diabetes or lungs related problems; status of blood supply to the brain; other serious illnesses such as weak functioning of kidneys; ability to exercise before operation; whether surgery is done in an emergency or a planned manner, etc. are the chief factors which decide the risk of surgery. Whenever the above-mentioned factors are favourable and if the surgery is carried out by a team of expert doctors in a good hospital, the overall risk is generally less than 2%-3% and is acceptable.

Few likely risk or problems seen during or within 3 – 10 days of the surgery :

  1. Infection at the site of operation and where stitches are taken
  2. Lung infection which may prolong ventilatorĀ  requirement
  3. Paralysis or transient ischemic attack of brain
  4. Impairment of kidney function
  5. Increase/Decrease in heartbeats/Irregular heartbeats
  6. Heart attack – weakening of heart
  7. Weakening of bones/muscles
  8. Clotting of blood in the leg vein: Deep vein thrombosis
  9. Haemorrhage – need to give more blood transfusions
  10. Ulcer or Bed Sore in the back and on the hips
  11. Depression, anxiety and other psychological impairments
  12. Need to go for an emergency reoperation