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Angiography has been made an easy, almost risk free and a very acceptable investigation by modern science.

  1. Common Problems : Vomiting like sensation or vomiting in 1% cases, slight pain at the site of angiography, minor reaction to dye, slight fluctuation in blood pressure or heart rate, etc. are observed.
  2. More Serious Problems : Excessive bleeding from the site of angiography (in less than 0.25% cases) or clotting of blood at the puncture site (hematoma), paralysis or slight effect of paralysis, serious fluctuations in heart rate leading to requirement of pacemaker or electric shock, need of ventilator support due to respiratory arrest, need a balloon pump due to very low blood pressure, cardiac arrest and possibility of death.
  3. In Current era, possibility of such complications has considerably reduced because of the use of best drugs prior to angiography, well-equipped hospitals and team work of expert doctors.