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Due to many researchers made in the last 20 years, the perception of medical world for cholesterol has completely changed. At one point of time 300 mg cholesterol / deciliter of blood was considered as normal level. Today total cholesterol level of less than 150 mg / deciliter of blood is considered as the idea level. Not only that, the desired level of cholesterol for a person is decided based on his risk of heart attack or paralysis. In other words, the higher the risk of death, heart attack or stroke, lesser the level of desired cholesterol. Let us understand this easily with a simple illustration. For a woman of 45 years age who has no diabetes, normal blood pressure and no addiction to tobacco, cholesterol level of 200 mg / deciliter in not objectionable. But the cholesterol of an old man of 65 years of age, who has high blood pressure and diabetes for the last 7 years and has an addiction of tobacco for the last 25 years, must be less than 150 mg / deciliter under any circumstances. Many a times patients ask the doctors : “You prescribed me a medicine for reducing cholesterol while you did not do it to my neighbor who has the same cholesterol !” Did you understand the reason of doctor’s behavior ?

After many studies it has been concluded that the possibility of Indians getting heart attacks is 2 to 4 times higher than that of people from western countries. The ideal blood cholesterol levels for us is as under :

Type of CholesterolIdeal Level (mg / Deciliter)
Total cholesterol< 150
Triglyceride< 140 
LDL  Cholesterol< 100 (< 70, if one has heart disease or stroke )
VLDL  Cholesterol< 28
HDL  Cholesterol> 50

Science has not witnessed any specific damage caused by much lowered level is maintained 90 mg / deciliter naturally or 110 mg / deciliter with medical treatment given for reduction of cholesterol, you need not worry. According to the present conclusions this a matter of happiness.