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A human mind is quite unsteady and impatient. It always remains engrossed in continuous thoughts, memories and desires. According to a study, 60-80 thousand thoughts visit human mind in a day. Although 99.99% of these thoughts are just the same as they were in previous day ! Therefore, it is very difficult to concentrate the mind over any one specific subject. A human mind keep on continuously searching of ‘disliking’. It is not possible to separate body and mind completely because  they are like the two sides of the same coin. Body is the laboratory of mind. That is why a human mind is considered the root cause of more than 90% of diseases. Hardly there is any illness which does not have its roots or contribution from the mind.

If the same human mind is understood and trained,it can be made to concentrate. A concentrated mind is a source of enormous power. Only a powerful mind is not enough, at the same time it needs to be made pure and pious. Meditation is nothing but training the mind to concentrate and make it powerful, stable and pious