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Sooner or later the complications related to heart, kidneys, eyes, brain or arteries arise in almost every diabetic patient. If a person takes proper care, these problems may not arise at all or they will arise later.

Diabetic patients should accept few goals for themselves :

  1. Blood Sugar Control : Empty stomach (FBS) : 100-130 mg/ 100 ml of blood. Two hrs after taking meals (PP2BS) : 140 – 160 mg / 100 ml of blood. Average blood sugar of last 3 months (GHb 1Ac):< 7%. Aged patients, patients with advanced problems of heart-brain kidneys, and patients whose blood sugar drops frequently, can relax these standards slightly.
  2. Blood Pressure Control : Upper (systolic) Blood pressure : < 140 mm Hg

Lower (Diastolic) Blood pressure : < 90 (or 80) mm Hg.

Research suggest that control of blood pressure is more important and relatively easily attainable than control of blood sugar in diabetic patients.

  1. Blood Lipids Control : 

Total cholesterol : < 150 mg / 100 ml

Triglyceride : < 140 mg / 100 ml

LDL cholesterol : < 70 mg / 100 ml

VLDL cholesterol: < 28 mg / 100 ml

HDL cholesterol : > 45 mg / 100 ml

According to the latest scientific conclusions, for every diabetic patient it is quite essential to take medium or high dose of medicine named ‘Statin’ which reduces cholesterol and maintains elasticity of arteries.

If these standards are achieved and maintained by adopting proper lifestyle and medicines (When needed), there is no doubt that a person with diabetes can have a good quality and quantity of life.