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As per the natural course, with aging cholesterol gets deposited at a slow rate on the inner sides of arteries, almost in the same manner as salt gets deposited on the inner parts of the water pipelines ! This process is called as atherosclerosis. With the gradual thickening this layer, the arteries become narrow. Consequently the blood supply to the related organs reduces. Such blocks in the arteries of the heart cause angina or a heart attack and in the arteries of the brain lead to stroke / paralysis. This happens due to an increase in bad cholesterol. Contrary to this, if good cholesterol is more, the process of fat deposition in the arteries slows down. The possibility of a heart attack or stroke reduces in such people. Unfortunately, the proportion of good cholesterol in most of the Indians is exceedingly less. This is considered to be an extremely important reason for the higher rate of heart attacks in our country.