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This is an easy and short surgery and done under local anaesthesia. This device which weighs 20-60 grams, is placed beneath the skin in left or right upper part of chest, through an incision of 2 inches. Basically, this is a battery. A wire is fitted with the help of a screw in this battery and distal end of this wire is placed inside the right ventricle of the heart through a vein. This is called a single chamber pacemaker. If two wires are fitted in the battery and one wire is placed in the right ventricle and other in the right auricle, it is called a dual chamber pacemaker. Generally, a patient stays for two days in the hospital. Certain complications like progressive weakening of the heart and valve on the right side, shortness of breath, easy fatigability, etc. are observed in the long run in single chamber pacemaker, while these problems do not occur in case of dual chamber pacemaker.