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Overweight and obesity lead to many adverse effects and risks on the health. It is not only a cosmetic problem like we kept on believing for many years, but it greatly increases the risk of following diseases: 

  1. Diabetes (Type 2)
  2. Heart disease : Heart Attack
  3. Paralysis : Stroke
  4. High blood pressure : Hypertension
  5. High proportion of bad cholesterol and low proportion of good cholesterol in blood (Dyslipidemia)
  6. Obstructive sleep apnea : Excessive snoring while sleeping and easy somnolence during the day
  7. Some cancer (Uterus, Ovaries, Breast, Intertine, etc.)
  8. Osteoarthritis
  9. Gallbladder : Gallstone disease
  10. Fatty liverĀ 
  11. Gastro esophageal reflux disease : Hyperacidity
  12. Psychological diseases like depression