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In most of the cases there are no specific symptoms of diabetes or they are observed only after the disease has advanced significantly.

Just as it is essential to measure blood pressure to know whether one has high blood pressure or not, similarly, it is inevitable to measure blood sugar to know whether one has diabetes or not. It is recommended to measure blood sugar at least once a year for persons aged 30 years or above. And if the risk factors to develop diabetes exist, one may need to get the sugar level checked early.

Persons with following symptoms should immediately consult the doctor and get their sugar level examined.

  1. High frequency if urination.
  2. Excessive thirst or hunger.
  3. Frequent tingling and numbness of limbs.
  4. Unexpected loss of weight.
  5. Increased susceptibility to infection.
  6. Delayed healing for wound infection.
  7. Dimness or impairment of vision
  8. Excessive fatigue – a feeling of weakness.
  9. Lack of concentration in work.