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Day 1 : Admission – check up before surgery – meeting with surgeons, anaesthetists and other staff

Day 2 : Surgery

Day 3 – 4 : The patient finds it difficult and lonely to pass days in ICU after surgery. He/she feels tired and bored, experiences pain and feels confined to that place. But the constant presence of the nurse and doctors coming at regular intervals try to take enough care. Only one relative can come and visit the patient twice a day for 10 minutes each. It is the time to start semi solid food, light exercise and limb as well we respiratory physiotherapy. 

Day 5 : A patient is shifted to the room from ICU. Great relief ! Now he can meet the relatives. He is permitted to walk a little and go to the washroom. He can listen to music, watch TV, talk with companions and read.

Day 6 – 7- 8 : The patient can walk a little more. He shows some liking for food. Breathing problem,weakness, pain are slightly reduced. It’s the time to keep on doing lung exercises and walking more and more.

Day 8 – 9 – 10 : Now it’s almost time to get discharge and enjoy ! Discharge is given depending on patient’s condition. At this stage collect all the documents and reports. Get necessary instructions and take the next date of appointment to see the doctor.