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  1. ‘Will I get habituated to medicines ?’ Answer to this question is simple : ‘ Your body has got habituated to illness, so it is necessary to take medicine. If the illness is cured, there will be no need to take medicine.’ Therefore , the aim of a patient should be ‘How can I cure my illness and get rid of it ?’ rather than ‘How can I stop taking medicine ?’
  2. ‘There is a possibility of side effects of a medicine, so I do not want to take it.’ You are absolutely right. There will be hardly any medicine in the world which may not have side effects and I 100% believe one should not take medicines as far as possible. But, when illness becomes deep-rooted and creates a serious danger against quality of life or life itself, it becomes necessary to take medicines (or undergo surgery).

Medicines are approved and launched for common public after many scientific examinations. An expert Doctor prescribes the medicines after complete check-up of the patient and necessary investigations. Not only that, whenever a patient approaches the Doctor for periodic follow up, he would ask questions and examine also to verify for the side effects reduces the dose of medicines. In case of any side effect, he either reduces the dose of medicines or discontinues it. It is also necessary for the patient to know the important side effects  of medicines.

3. ‘Medicine is a poison; I don’t want to take it.’ This statement is not absolutely true. Every medicine is a poison and is not a poison as well. There are three basic differences between a medicine and a poison :

  1. Does of Medicine : If a proper does of medicine based on age, gender and illness, is given, it will work positively. If very high or wrong does is given without proper considerations, it will work as a poison !
  2. Indication : Possibility of benefits is brighter if exact medicine is given after proper diagnosis of illness. If a medicine is given for a wrong indication or a medicine is given even though there is no illness, it will work as a poison !
  3. Intention and Feeling behind Prescribing Medicine : “Patient may be relieved of illness very soon, he may regain wellness of his body and mind and his life may get enriched with joy again”- medicines prescribed with such tender feelings when gets coupled with patient’s faith in the doctor, create wonderful effects.

Someone has rightly said,

“Even a glance of an ascetic is miraculous by virtue of which, even ash becomes effective.”