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There are few common problems which cannot be included in the risk, but one needs to have a prior understanding of the same :

  1. Fatigue, weakness, uneasiness, boredom
  2. Not to have a liking for anything
  3. Getting irritated for small matters
  4. Amnesia / Loss of memory
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Gas, acidity and constipation
  7. Burning sensations or pain at the site of stitches on the chest and limbs from where the artery / vein conduit is taken
  8. Coughing, difficulty in breathing
  9. Burning sensation while passing urine 
  10. Swelling at the site of stitches
  11. Feeling tired while talking
  12. Fear of falling down while getting up or walking
  13. Loss of weight
  14. To feel low as if the strength and spirit of the body and mind are lost
  15. Swelling or slight pain in the neck, hand, abdomen, where the plastic cannulas are inserted
  16. Irritation in the throat

That is the reason why the doctor and the relatives should put in best effects to add to patient’s physical and mental preparedness prior to bypass surgery. Medicines, good nutrition, nebuliser and lung exercises (Incentive Spirometry), mental support, etc. make the patient’s mind and body better prepared to accept the bypass surgery and the initial difficult days after surgery. “I have to pass through a tough phase of my life and these days  also will be over.” – Such understanding continuously help the patient. Psychiatrist, psychotherapist and other guide and help the patient.