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In India, due to ignorance about health, the majority of people believe that ‘diabetes means more sugar in blood’. Most people do not have even the slightest idea about the serious damage caused by diabetes to heart, kidney, brain, arteries and retina of the eyes.

  • Diabetic patients have 2 to 4 times higher risk of getting heart attack / stroke as compared to a normal person.
  • More than 75% diabetic patients suffer from a heart attack / stroke (paralysis) and die.
  • A person with diabetes gets heart attack 5 to 10 years earlier (at a younger age) than a matched non-diabetic person.
  • Premenopausal women of less than 45 years age generally do not get heart attack even at a younger age.
  • Many patients of diabetes having symptoms and it is quite common for them to get heart attack. Thus, a person’s heart gets damaged without his knowledge and in the worst case, he may die suddenly.
  • Diabetic patients tend to have very long, diffuse and multiple blockage in the arteries. These patients do not get as much benefit as non-diabetic patients after angioplasty or coronary artery bypass surgery. Not only that, the risk during these operations is higher and the possibility of recurrence of blockage is also higher.
  • In many cases a person may get heart attack in pre-diabetes (Imparied Glucose Tolerance) stage only.