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Unfortunately, any body can be the victim of a heart attack. Higher the number of risk factors, higher is the possibility of a heart attack. Many Risk Scores or Risk calculators have been devised to calculate the risk of heart attack. In each of these methods there are some inherent limitations. Framingham Risk Score or ASCVD Risk Calculators are easily available on the internet. A person can know his/ her future risk of  serious illnesses like heart attack, stroke and death due to them on the basis of these methods. Research done in the last several years have shown that the average risk of an Indian is 1.5 to 3 times higher than that of a person from the western world. If we multiply the percentage of risk derived from above method by 1.5 or 2, we get the actual estimate of the risk of an Indian. (Possibility of heart attack, stroke and death caused due to them for coming 10 years, expressed in percentage.)