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(1) Body fat reduces, bones and muscles become strong.

(2) Efficiency of lungs and heart increases, capacity of body to inhale and use oxygen increases.

(3) Elasticity of arteries increases.

(4) Deadly disease like high blood pressure and diabetes are prevented or controlled easily.

(5) HDL cholesterol increases while LDL cholesterol and triglyceride reduces.

(6) Risk of heart attack and paralysis reduces.

(7) Risk of breast and intestinal cancer reduces.

(8) Gall-bladder disease, osteoporosis, gout etc. reduces.

(9) Helps to get good sleep and feel fresh.

(10) Helps to overcome stress, despair, fatigue, boredom, etc. and increases vigour and zeal.

(11) outlook of the body improves; gait and body language look more impressive 

(12) There is an increase in self-confidence