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  1. Consent Letter : The patient or his relative has to give consent for surgery, anesthesia, HIV blood test, etc. One needs to sign different papers after reading and understanding them.
  2. Tests before Surgery : In order to assure fitness of the patient for major surgery, several tests such as, cardiogram, echo-cardiogram, x-ray of the chest, investigations of blood and urine, Doppler study of the brain artery, test for lungs efficiency and several other tests as needed are carried out on the day of admission.
  3. Shaving :  Hair from chin to knee is removed.
  4. Medical History : Beginning of the illness, its duration, symptoms, other complications, etc. are written in the history sheet and patient’s sign is taken. 
  5. Medicines : Most of the common medicines are continued. Besides this, the medicines for sleep, antacid medicines and laxatives are given.
  6. Food Prohibition : All solid and  liquid food is discontinued before 5-12 hours of surgery. A bottle of glucose or saline is given through vein.