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  1. Collect Information : By collecting information about surgery, risks involved in it, difficulties to be faced, benefits from it, etc. and getting oneself mentally prepared for it, surgery and the days to follow after surgery can be passed in a better way. Not only that, the recovery of such well-informed and prepared patients is better and faster.
  2. Good Diet : One should take nutritious diet, Better to reduce the weight if one is overweight.
  3. Tobacco and Alcoholism : Stop completely.
  4. Pranayama (Breath Control ) : By observing pranayama regularly, heart and lung function will improve. But it is prudent to ask the doctor about type of pranayama that can be performed safely.
  5. Adequate Sleep and Rest :
  6. Regular Dose of Medicines : In most cases, it is necessary to discontinue antiplatelet medicines like Clopidogrel / Prasugrel / Brilinta before 5-7 days of surgery. But it is necessary to continue Aspirin (75 mg daily). Other medicines also play an important role in preparing the heart for bypass surgery.
  7. Faith : Faith in self, doctor, hospital and God will take the patient a long way.