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  1. It is important for a patient to know about the entire process of angiography, information obtained through it and a small risk involved in it. In most of the cases, echocardiography to know the structure and function of the heart precautions are required.Over and above kidneys and presence of any blood transmitted diseases (HBSAg, HIV, etc.) can be known by patient’s blood tests.
  2. The patient is instructed to get admitted after taking tea and breakfast in the morning. It is necessary for the patient to take all regular medicines related to heart and blood pressure. Medicines for diabetes are discontinued from the previous day.
  3. After admission, shaving of body parts like wrist / thigh is done to facilitate the sterilization which is a must to avoid infection. Saline / glucose is given as a continuous intravenous infusion through an intracath. Investigations like ECG, blood tests, etc. are done if not carried out previously.
  4. All routine activities like using washroom, reading, watching TV, communicating with relatives / friends, working on computer, etc. can be done by patient during the waiting time. Doctors wish that the patient keeps busy in such activities so that he / she may not get worried by continuous thoughts of angiography.