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Introduction : Platelets play an important role in coagulation of blood. Glycoprotein Receptor Inhibitor (GPI) medicines make the platelets inactive and maintain adequate thinness of blood.

Effects : Other antiplatelet medicines are to be given orally. They take half an hour to six hours to become active, while patients of heart attack are seriously ill and it is necessary to make their blood thin very quickly.

GPI medicines are available in injection form to be given through vein and they make the platelets inactive within a few minutes only.Not only GPI injections are extremely effective, but they are useful even when a patient is unconscious or has vomiting when oral medicines cannot be given with assurance.

Uses :

  1. Unstable angina 
  2. Heart attack, especially during primary angioplasty

Note : With the availability of rapidly effective newer oral antiplatelet medicines, use of GPI has significantly reduced.

Medicines :

Inj. Abciximab, Inj. Eptifibatide, Inj. Tirofiban

Side effect : Bleeding