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Pain in the centre or left part of the chest is the commonest manifestation observed due to reduced supply of blood to the heart. But it does not happen in every case. The following can also be the symptoms in angina :

  1. Uneasiness or feeling uncomfortable
  2. Difficulty in breathing
  3. Sweating 
  4. Nausea
  5. Heaviness in the chest – as if someone has put weight on the chest or someone has tied a strap round the chest
  6. Sense of suffocation
  7. Feeling of ‘I will die just now’ / impending doom 
  8. Squeezing in the chest

It is not necessary that pain during angina is felt in the left part of the chest only ! Sometimes it is felt in the left shoulder or in the right part or centre of the chest or in the inner part of the left hand radiating little finger or in upper part of abdomen or in the central upper part of the back or in the jaws-teeth. One should never ignore the pain experienced in these parts, especially when a person possesses one or more risk factors. At the same time, one should not worry too much, thinking that every such pain is angina. Best is to go to a heart specialist Doctor and get checked. If ‘caution’ replaces ‘Worry’, life becomes easy.